Satmap Xpedition Route Planner Announced

by Richard on November 30, 2011

Xpedition Route Planner

An email from Satmap dropped in my inbox this afternoon, announcing the imminent release of their new online route planner called Xpedition. As a user of their existing online route planner, this really piqued my interest, especially given the minor frustrations I have with the current version. These frustrations, which are covered in my Satmap Active 10 Review, are mainly due to the fact that the visible map area on screen is very small and the route planner can be very temperamental in use, depending on which web browser you are using.

When I bought my Active 10 device, the route planner came free of charge, so I can live with the small irritations. However, if I had paid the normal £60 asking price, I wouldn’t be too impressed! This is a great shame, as the Active 10 is a fantastic device otherwise. Free alternative online route planners are available though, such as the excellent one at, meaning you do have other options. You certainly shouldn’t let the current Satmap route planner put you off purchasing the Active 10.

Satmap say that the new Xpedition route planner will include:

  • International topographical mapping
  • Full screen map display
  • The option to work with two windows and map types side by side and on different zoom levels
  • Practical snap to road function easily plans road navigation for cyclists and motorists, automatically adjusting the position of waypoints to follow the road network

As a user of the current route planner, I’ll be eligible to receive a one year subscription to Xpedition completely free of charge, so I’m looking forward to trying out this new version, to see whether any improvements and new features will be enough to tempt me back. There will need to be a vast improvement, especially as there will eventually be a charge to use Xpedition, the cost of which has not yet been confirmed.

For now though, the following screenshot is all I have to go on, so I wait with baited breath:

Satmap Xpedition Route PlannerSneak Preview of the new Satmap Xpedition Online Route Planner

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PaulD February 16, 2012 at 1:38 pm

Tried using it today. Yes, its a vast improvement on the old version but help/FAQ pages are crap.

How for instance do you get the two map screen up ?
How do you get fullscreen ?
How do you print properly, the appears little control over the printout of the map in terms of zoom ?

and when the 1 year use expires so does some of the more useful features including 1:25000 series.

Think i’ll stick with the route planner that gives 1:25000 os maps


PaulD February 16, 2012 at 2:16 pm

Two map screens and full screen now ok, was a firefox issue with my browser but other issues remain and will probably exclude it being used.


Richard February 16, 2012 at 10:11 pm

I had problems with it on the first day. I transferred my existing Route Planner account successfully, and got the free 1 year premium subscription on Xpedition.

However, when I changed my username, I lost my 1 year subscription and was also unable to change my password for some reason.

Thankfully, Satmap have been quick to resolve these issues and I’ll give the new system a good try at the weekend when I get more time.


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